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The Apple Watch – is it any good, and should you buy one?

Well, it’s a distinctive piece of tech that at first can be hard to get your head around, or even to quite know what it does. In short, it’s a watch that sends notifications and other information from your iPhone to your wrist and lets you send stuff back the other way, whether that’s a text message, a phone call or a simple way to call an Uber.

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What's the best Apple Watch face?

The Apple Watch is finally out and with 38 different case materials, colors, sizes and interchangeable Apple Watch bands, it seems the company really went all out to let you customize the wearable. The watch face is probably where you'll start tailoring the watch to match your taste, and right now, there are ten interchangeable faces to choose from.

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Explained: the Watch's Controls

Contacts Button: Brings up your 12 favourite contacts for speedy interaction.

Multi-touch: The usual pinch-to-zoom, tap to interact control system on every modern smartphone.

Force Touch: Pressure-sensitivity on the screen. Push harder for the smartwatch equivalent of a right mouse button click.

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Description with video

The Apple Watch’s battery life has concerned many prospective customers, as Apple said only that the Watch will need to be charged nightly. Earlier this year, we reported that Apple’s development targets for Apple Watch battery life were 2.5-4 hours for heavy app usage, versus 19 hours per day of combined usage between light app access, notifications, and Glances.

Customizing Complications

With the watch face showing, firmly press the display.

Tap Customize. Then tap to select a feature and turn the Digital Crown to adjust it.

When finished, press the Digital Crown to save the changes.

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